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  • MYC850- PRT 4 Color Flexo Printing Machine

    Prefer us for Quality Service in the Maintenance and Service of Paper Cup Printing Cutting Machine!

  • Paper Cup Machine Installation (Onsite)

    Prefer us for Quality Service in Cardboard Cup Machine Installation (Onsite) Maintenance and Service!


CSA INDUSTRY, MayCUP brand paper cup, Soup and Salad bowls, Box, Plate, Straw, Lid making machines, Paper cutter machines, Flexo and Digital printing machines, Plastic cup, Plastic and Aluminum storage and transport container machines sales, Raw material supply, Production Salvation is a modern importer providing expert services in facility planning and installation.

Our company provides a perfect service with research and development, import, sales, service and maintenance. Our machines have advanced mechanical processing equipment and excellent production technology. We constantly introduce high technology to our customers, strive to research and develop new products and technical transformation, and as a company, we We attach importance to after-sales service.
Our company's products are appreciated by our customers all over the country in terms of quality. Maycup Makina continues to adhere to the principle of "continuous technological innovation and excellence". We communicate with our new and old customers at home and abroad to visit us, allowing them to examine the quality of our machines and the way our machines work. .We establish long-term friendly cooperative relationships with our customers to develop one-on-one business plans.

The world's best-selling Soft Ice Cream Machine with Tap, 3 different flavors... Our Ice Cream Machine has 18L/H LCD screen, 3 Taps, 1 year warranty, Parts can be disassembled and cleaned, Our machines are specially produced for our company and have a 1 year warranty. You will not have any spare parts problems with our Ice Cream Machine. As a company, we stand behind our machines. We are extremely proud to bring the best quality, cheapest Soft Ice Cream Machines to Turkey and to satisfy you, our customers.

Maycup Makina Ambalaj sells High Speed Disposable Paper Cup Machines. Paper for hot and cold drinks between 2 Oz - 42 Oz / 60 ml - 1240 ml, using 160 - 350 gr/m2 paper coated with polyethylene on one side or polyethylene on both sides. We import Paper Cup Forming Machines that can produce and manufacture Paper Cup products.