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“The Only Address of Quality and Trust in Paper Cup Machine”




Our Paper Cup Packaging Machine is made in a simple, useful and easily adjustable logic and provides a great advantage in terms of user convenience.

Thanks to the separators we use in the compartments, it allows you to pack in the quantities and sizes you demand.

Thanks to our Delta PLC panel, you can easily manage our machine from a single screen, adjust the heat settings and perform the necessary integrations according to your dimensions.

Thanks to the photocell sensor, it is possible to cut the printed packages in an orderly manner without slipping in each package.

Our control panel is made in a plain and simple logic as in the picture. It has been designed with the aim of finding the parts easily, even in whichever country you are in the world.

Thanks to our conveyor, your glasses are transferred to your basket by leaving the production in order and properly.

Our adjustment arm allows adjustments to be made when there are differences in size. This adjustment arm ensures that the soldiers and the cutting knife can work in an integrated manner.

Our machine is powered by a mini motor of 1.5 kW. It both saves electricity and allows you to run it anywhere you want at 220V.

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